Electrician in Townsville


Residential & Commercial

Whether you need small electrical repairs around the house or large-scale commercial electrical work, DMC Electrical & Air Cooling can help. Based in Townsville, we pride ourselves on providing prompt and efficient electrical services—all at an affordable price.

Our services include:
  • Mechanical electrical services
  • Switchboard installations & upgrades
  • Power upgrades
  • Underground electrical services
  • Air conditioning installation—electrical connection/wiring
  • Switches & power outlets
  • Lighting & power
  • Tariff changes & wiring
  • Exhaust fan installation
  • Kitchen exhaust canopy installation
We can also help you find the unit that best suits your electrical requirements. We supply Bremca main switchboards, among other systems.
Installing Dimmer And A Light Switch — Air Conditioning & Electrical Work in Townsville, QLD
Installing Power Socket — Air Conditioning & Electrical Work in Townsville, QLD

Installations, Replacements & Repairs

Whether you need a new electrical system for a newly-built commercial property or to replace the existing system for a renovation project, we can help. We do everything from power and lighting repairs and installation through to swap overs and everything in between.


Looking to switch to a more energy-efficient unit? Or perhaps you simply want to upgrade your power circuits for your home’s safety? We are fully licensed to upgrade switchboards, RCBOs, smoke alarms and power circuits.
Electrical Upgrade — Air Conditioning & Electrical Work in Townsville, QLD
Electrician Testing a Switch Board — Air Conditioning & Electrical Work in Townsville, QLD

Testing & Audits

Our licensed electrical auditors perform independent compliance testing and audits for any purpose. Whether you need compliance audits for underground or overhead cables, for major public events, construction projects and everything in-between. We identify potential non-compliances and quickly rectify them, saving you from potentially costly repairs down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I do my own electrical work?

No. In Australia, it’s against the law to do your own electrical, plumbing and gas work. Only licensed electricians, plumbers and gas fitters can work on installations and repairs,
electrical work including, installations, repairs and upgrades.

Do you do electrical work in homes?

Yes. Our licensed electricians provide residential electrical work including, installations, repairs and upgrades.

Should I get an energy audit for my home?

Yes. Energy audits identify energy wastage and detect system flaws. And even though they are often a paid service, energy audits pay for themselves down the road. When you implement energy efficiency measures based on the audits, you can significantly save on energy bills.